Who Were Really Our Prehistoric Ancestors?

I entered into the subject of this blog with the archaeological and astronomic expertise of an amateur, ignorant about the ideas that only later I found out are so dominant about the prehistoric people.

After several years of studying this subject I arrived to the conclusion that, if we really want to have a coherent view about our prehistoric ancestors, we need to relinquish some preconceived ideas, no matter how useful they were up to now.

We must elevate our eyes to the sky while keeping the feet on the ground, because the landscape they interacted with was the land below, the seas around and the sky above, without sharp demarcations in between.

It is impossible to be absolutely objective in writing about history, much the less about pre-history, when instead of written documents we have rock carvings, when the archaeological remains have been ravaged by the pass of millennia, and when the artifacts have been retrieved mostly from tombs. The academic interpretations equate the lack of archaeological remains to no-existence, from where only very limited hypothesis can arise. Restraining judgment only to the physical evidences can render interpretations as deviate from reality as giving free rein to the imagination, both equally off the mark.

This blog will begin by investigating the people who inhabited Western Europe during the Neolithic Age, known as “Megalith Builders” because they used big (mega) stones (lith) in some of their constructions. We’ll find out that they were neither tribal people dressed with furs that lived in scattered chiefdoms where aggression and superstition ruled supreme, nor they constituted a paradisiacal society. We will see that they could have had customs closer to our understanding of a classical culture, organized in societies expanding over large territories, able to navigate long distances and, overall, reached a deep understanding of the cycles of life and death, of the interconnection between the Earth below, the sky above and the humans in between.

This blog is based on the assumption that much of the knowledge of the Megalith Builders’ culture may not be properly represented in the archaeological record, but it may have survived and reached us encapsulated in myths, as well as in all kind of cultural, political and religious manifestations of modern society. We could say that this blog is going to interpret the results of a very special archaeological excavation, one that does not dig on the soil but on the prehistoric stratum where the memoirs of our megalithic ancestors remain stored in our collective unconscious.

I hope the readers who will open the pages of this blog will equally open their minds and will be able to see our prehistoric ancestors under the new light that reveals them as tremendously curious people and adventurous travelers whose main legacy is not so much the big stones of their monuments but the foundation of our civilization.

The first three mysteries will be the three most monumental megalithic sites: The Alignments of Carnac, the stone ring of Avebury, and Stonehenge.

Note: Now you may read all the information at once and in detail in my new book: “Sailors of Stonehenge.”

Who Were Really Our Prehistoric Ancestors?

4 thoughts on “Who Were Really Our Prehistoric Ancestors?

  1. Your blog is very interesting. While my blog is designed primarily to create wonder and open peoples minds to possiblities, yours is totally given over to answers.

    I created my blog for the purpose of opening minds to the ideas which circle around in my head.

    While I am totally sure of what I do believe, I am not so sure others would accept my ideas unless they are given as questions along with other ideas that are shared along with mine. I want people to think, and give my ideas a chance to plant a seed that may grow.

    I am very interested in what your ideas are. I like to believe that I have an open mind, and can entertain the thoughts of others without being judgemental about them.

    If you read my blog carefully, you can come away from it knowing what I believe is the explanation of these mysteries. I spend more time on those possibilies.

    The main idea is that I want people to give the proposal that science may be wrong and that there may be another explanation a chance. Maybe, just maybe the reason science doesn’t have the answer for these ancient mysteries is because their ideas about how long man (as we are now) has existed are wrong. And maybe, just maybe man (as we are now) has existed much longer than they think.

    In any event. I look forward to reading about your explanations 🙂

    1. Your point is well taken. I should make more clear that when I say I can provide answers, what I mean is that I can prove that there are other perspectives different to the mainstream ones that can be equally valid. This does not limit the possibilities to whatever theory I may propose, but opens new fascinating perspectives based on a different paradigm, more comprehensive and respectful with the real capacities of our ancestors. Thank you for the comment, and I hope you will keep on sharing your opinions.

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